Bible Reading Plan

Bible Reading Plan is an app designed to be used by churches, and their leadership teams, as well as small group leaders or for family worship purposes. It allows the user to select particular study plans and share these lists of daily passages with groups of individuals as they read through the Bible together.

Pastors can use this app to set up plans that correlate with sermon series, enabling the congregation to come prepared for the Sunday service. Similarly, churches can set up study plans for small groups that take members through books of the Bible prior to meeting together.

A study question section is also available for church leadership to use to encourage individuals, or families, to engage with the text themselves and discuss the passages before coming to church to hear the pastor’s sermon. This function can also be used by families for their own times of Bible study.

The ESV Bible

The ESV Bible is included in the study plans on the Bible Reading Plan app. Set up a study plan, share it with a group, and read through the Bible together!

App Versions

Read (Free)

  • Read only version of the app
  • Access study plans that have been shared with you, but not able to create your own

Create (In-App Purchase)

  • Create your own study plans
  • Add study questions and cross references
  • Set up groups
  • Share study plans with group members